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Jan Van Marcke (CEO) & Designer Jon Bannenberg present motor yacht Flandria

Flandria-International aims to re-unite our shipyards in an innovative hydrogen maritime project, building on the know-how of the past and the challenges of the future.

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Established in 1922 by Eugeen Van Marcke & Marguérite Raes in Antwerp (Belgium), the company was at its height in the nineteen eighties with a fleet of 26 vessels in various nautical sectors (day cruises, international tourism, water supplying, ferry boats, bilges & a 2 star Michelin floating restaurant La Pérouse).

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In 1954, Constant Van Marcke – the founders’ son – established the world famous floating restaurant La Pérouse: this concept is still unique! During the touristical season the same skilled staff of La Pérouse, only open during the winter months - , provided affordable meals for the day cruisers.

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The Flandria Corporation ceased to exist in 2003, despite substantiated future projects for the motor yachts “Flanders 2002” and “Flandria”.

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As one of the initiators of hydrogen propulsion for maritime purposes in Flanders, Jan Van Marcke sr., grand son of the founders, today is striving for the realization of motor yacht Flandria H2 build with the latest Flemish technology.

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100 years later…
The Flandria family has spread their wings, both in the maritime and the restaurant sector.

Maritime sector

Significant people:

Restaurant sector

Two star Michelin restaurant La Pérouse served as a culinary academy for many chefs.
Only recently - during the Tall Ship Races edition 2022 - Bistrot Benoit, Antwerp, served a La Pérouse inspired dish “Port of Antwerp”.
Jan Van Marcke & his former Maïtre d’hotel Dave Weispecher were very pleased that the memory lives on.


For example:


Inspired by true events, Jan Van Marcke Sr established the citizen initiative “CRiSTAL: for a transparent society” (1999).


This initiative alias “Jan without Fear” (cq. Wikipedia), had the support of eminent politicians and civil servants such as former Secretary-General of the City of Antwerp Fred Nolf (Wikipedia), politician, judge and lawyer Fred Erdman (Wikipedia) and alderman of the city of Antwerp and founder of “Payoke, Patsy Sörensen,” (Wikipedia).


Today, transparency is more actual than ever. Also for the realization of motor yacht Flandria H2.

Flemish ship-building

In 2006 Jan Van Marcke established the non-profit organization “Flanders Yachting” (FY) that aims to group both Flemish and international shipyards for specific projects, e.g. the complete refit of the Mercator three-master in Ostend (Belgium).

FY pioneered in 2007 introducing hydrogen propulsion for super yachts at the prestiguous Monaco Boat Show with the support of Flanders Investment and Trade (FIT) and Jonathan Beckett, CEO of Burgess, the largest super yacht broker in the world.

At the same time, FY initiated the concept of a “Maritime hydrogen station in the Port of Monaco”, a project that is being executed.

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Today Flanders Yachting wants to be the liaison between the actual ship yards to initiate inhouse builds underligning the innovative knowledge of Flanders.

FY still aims to convince the authorities of the importance of this Flemish innovative know-how such as hydrogen propulsion.

FY has facilitated the (governmental) awareness so that Flemish ship yards can participate in large maritime tenders.

FLANDRIA H2 hydrogen cruise yacht

“The Past re-invents the Future”

Built on the knowledge of two innovative projects for motor yachts, Jan Van Marcke seeks the support for the inhouse build of “FlandriaH2” (working title), introducing a cruise yacht with hydrogen propulsed engines.
The aim is to provide a hybrid means of transportation for a broad public.
Innovation and sustainability are the key elements and possibly hydrogen (Flemish) shipyards will be exemplary in the world.

On June 23, 2022, Jan Van Marcke & Diana Coppens organized the event “Steam on the Stream: history and outlook”.  From steam to hydrogen ship.” In the Antwerp Maritime Academy (AMA).




More than 10 keynote speakers – among them the Minister-President of Flanders Jan Jambon – honored the 100th Anniversary of the founding of Flandria by the Van Marcke family and visualized especially the future of hydrogen for maritime applications.  The MP listened carefully to the voice of several Flemish ship yards present.

The meeting underligned the Flemish potential and know-how for the realization of FLANDRIAH2.

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Designed by Jon Bannenberg for Burgess.
With the continuous support of designer Michael Kirschtein.


NEW DATE of the informal meeting of "the establishment of Flandria – 100 years ago” June 23, 2022.